Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some Thoughts of Prayer

I will pray with my spirit,
But I will pray with my mind also…

I Corinthians 14:15b

Jesus did not live out his life quietly. Even as an adolescent he was not intimidated by the religious scholars but was confident in who he was and what he knew. From his baptism to the wedding at Cana to the feeding of the thousands the list goes on how Jesus lived his life publicly and noisily. The gospel of Mark repeatedly tells us that "crowds" followed Jesus continually. That certainly isn't a picture of quiet.

We live in a "politically correct" age, and given this context I find myself too often following Jesus "quietly." To daily look at each encounter with an individual as an opportunity to speak "Jesus" is a challenge. What I'm realizing, however, is that while I may not have the courage to yell, "Jesus!" while walking down the street I can speak Jesus into the life of each person I meet. It means a very conscious awareness on my part. Each waiter, clerk, telephone order taker, doctor, mortgage broker, window washer becomes an opportunity to not be quiet about Jesus.

How we speak Jesus daily will look different with each encounter. But what I am struck with is the truth that I can do something that takes no time from the other person. I can pray. If I believe that God created everyone, then each person I meet is an image of God. They may not know it, but I do and my responsibility, as a Jesus follower, is to speak Jesus to them in whatever way possible.

Whether "quietly" or out loud the simplest way to speak Jesus is prayer.

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