Monday, March 1, 2010


Suggested Reading: Mark 5:1-34

And he said to her,“Daughter, your faith has made you well,go in peace.”

Mark 5:34

The Bible means nothing if we can’t live into the stories and connect them to our lives. Weaving throughout Scripture are the real life stories of men and women who have now become our “cloud of witnesses.” Their inner lives are not that far distanced from our own.

What makes these real life stories so compelling are the various approaches that one can take. The hemorrhaging woman in Mark is one of those witnesses whose life offers a multitude of insights. Jesus acknowledges that she is a woman of faith and we marvel at her fortitude.

But between the lines of the story is a woman of determination. Even after years of suffering she determined a course of action and followed through with the plan which ultimately brought her to be in the presence of Jesus. Her touching encounter with Jesus didn’t just happen. If she had stayed in bed that morning her life would never have changed and there would be no reason to record her story.Here is a woman who lived her life that day, intentionally. She wanted to touch Jesus and that meant she had to not think about all the reasons why she “couldn’t” meet Jesus but instead, focus on what she hoped would be her healing.

Our own spiritual growth and healing doesn’t just happen. If we want to touch Jesus and be in his presence, determining how we’re going to meet him is required as well as following through with the plan, everyday. Staying in bed won’t get us to our goal.

Thought for the day: Do I live my life intentionally coming into the presence of Jesus?

Jesus, forgive me when I allow my schedule, my emotions, my “life”,
to stop me from getting out of bed and running to be in your presence.

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