Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good Working Parts

…when each part is working properly,
makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love.

Ephesians 4:16c

When my car doesn't function properly, I get frustrated! The bane of my driving experience was a car that looked great on the outside but whose inner workings were in constant conflict. Once, while in the fast lane of a Los Angeles freeway the alternator stopped doing its job. Mechanics say that this is a gradual process but not in my car--the alternator went on “strike” without warning and while the battery tried to keep up the result was my “bane” sitting in the way of whizzing cars whose alternators were doing their jobs just fine!

The importance of working together is nothing new, but a little reminder is sometimes helpful. From friendships to families to marriages to businesses to churches if an individual goes on strike the entire “system” is affected.There is an alarming statistic when it comes to church members “striking.” The average time period that a pastor stays with a congregation, across all denominations, is eighteen months. Studies have discovered that five or fewer people in a church, deciding to not work properly, causes so much disruption that pastors quickly find themselves broken down.

Each part working properly makes a difference in the life of a church. If you are part of a Christian community, remember that you have a unique design. You are part of the community’s success or failure. A single “strike” can be the cause of everything coming to a screeching halt.

Jesus, You encouraged us to be in community.
Forgive me when I try to do the job designed for others.
Help me to know how I can be a proper working part
helping my church to build itself up in love.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tell Your Story

I magnify my ministry in order somehow to make my fellow Jews jealous,
and thus save some of them.

Romans 11:13c-14

It’s an odd way to evangelize, making someone jealous. Jealousy is usually a feeling to be excised out of our lives for the reason that it causes only pain and misery. One definition of jealousy, however, makes Paul’s use of the word rather poignant when it comes to faith--painfully desirous of another’s advantages.

If we were to think about following Jesus as being a cause for jealousy it could be pretty radical! More often than not when we think about evangelism, the act of telling another about one’s passion, we become paralyzed by the thought of having to string together enough words that adequately defines our faith. But, what if we were to throw theological caution to the wind and magnify our Jesus life in a way that whoever heard our story would be painfully desirous of the life we live?

There remains one crucial element. In order to magnify our life we have to believe the life story we’ve been given. Understanding the Bible is a life long adventure but being a Jesus follower is a daily process. If we are open to it, we can experience and acknowledge ways in which God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit make a difference in our lives.

Everyone has God questions. Some you’ll be able to answer, others will prompt you to deeper Bible study. But if you want to be radical and make someone jealous and painfully desirous tell them your Jesus story. It’s a story you’ll know how to tell.

Jesus, thank you for the growing life story,
As You give me each day, help me to speak with passion,
without reservation, about what you have done and are doing in my life.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Community Life

Love one another with brotherly affection.
Outdo one another in showing honor.

Romans 12:10

Last year our congregation took on the challenge of memorizing several verses from Romans chapter twelve. It was not an easy task requiring commitment, concentration and courage, especially if one's "memory" brain cells are diminished! The goal was to memorize Romans 12:9-21 but perhaps the more important goal was to focus on becoming a congregation that reflected our memory verses. Verse ten was only the beginning of what prayerfully will become a way of life for us. It's not always easy being in "community" together.

In his book Life Together, Dietrich Bonhoeffer reflected on the pitfalls that can plague a Christian community. The following was written over 60 years ago and yet is pertinent for today's Jesus followers who want to be in community together and yet find it difficult.

The man who fashions a visionary ideal of community demands that it be realized by God, by others and by himself. He enters the community of Christians with his demands, his own law, and judges the brethren and himself accordingly. He act as if he is the creator of community, as if it is his dream which holds the community together. When things do not go his way, he calls the effort a failure. When his ideal picture is destroyed, he sees the community going to smash. So he becomes first an accuser of his brethren, then God, and finally the despairing accuser of himself.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Virus Attack!

My computer was attacked yesterday by all sorts of viruses so my husband and I spent last evening attempting to clean it! You'll definitely be seeing something in the way of a devotional on that one! Anyway, here is another thought from Ronald Rolheiser, The Restless Heart.

It is because of the refusal to be vulnerable that, far too foten, instead of enjoying friendship and intimacy with those around us, we find ourselves fencing with each other, using our talents, achievements and strengths as weapons.

To be vulnerable is to be strong enough to be able to present ourselves without false props, without an artificial display of our credentials. In brief, to be vulnerable is to be strong enough to be honest and tender. Like Jesus, the person who is vulnerable is a person who cares enough to let himself be weak, precisely because he does care.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

God's Perfect Creation

God’s Spirit brooded like a bird above the watery abyss.

Genesis 1:1c (The Message)

In the beginning, there was water. Along with oxygen, it is a crucial element to living. We take it for granted until there isn’t enough or there is too much. Several times the Mississippi River has illustrated the results of excess water. Farms and livelihoods are destroyed by the very substance that sustained them.

There are scientific reasons for floods based on weather patterns, but experts are also saying that part of the problem is man. For centuries we have yearned to tame our landscape, often upsetting the balance of God’s creation. There is a reason why the soil is so fertile in those states along the Mississippi. At one time the Mississippi was unhindered, free to run over its banks, washing the earth with rich nutrients.

God created order, not chaos.

Of course, the world has gotten older and more crowded increasing the demands on God’s creation. We see land under water that could be used for our benefit and so levees are built to hold back its powerful weight. We then plant and grow and build, attempting to supply the ever growing demand of the world’s citizens.

When God’s Spirit brooded like a bird over the waters I wonder what He envisioned. Surely he knew what would transpire once the watery abyss was divided and man would seek to control what God had set in motion. God doesn’t cause floods. But, they do remind us that in the beginning God designed his intricate creation with details meant to work together, harmoniously.Our mistake with the earth, as in many areas of our lives, is that we try to seize control and end up creating chaos.

God, thank you for creating the worldto work in balance. You created order!
Forgive me when I create chaos by attempting to seize control
of the happenings of my life.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On Being Human

To be human is to be lonely. To be human, however, is also to respond. The human person has always responded to this pain.

Sometimes it has moved us to greater depth of openness towards God and others, to fuller life, and sometimes it has led us to jump off bridges, to end life; sometimes it has given us a glimpse of heaven, sometimes it has given us a glimpse of hell, sometimes it has made the human spirit, sometimes it has broken it; always it has affected it. For loneliness is one of the deepest, most universal, and most profound experiences that we have.

Even if you are a relatively happy person who relates easily to others and who has many close friends, you are probably still lonely at times. If you are a very sensitive person, the type who feels things deeply, you are probably, to some degree, lonely all the time.

Ronald Rolheiser, The Restless Heart

For the Lord will not cast off forever, but, though he cause grief, he will have compassion according to the abundance of his steadfast love; for he does not willingly afflict or grieve the children of man. Lamentations 3:31-32

Monday, June 22, 2009


We talk about doing and giving our best for God and it sounds good but do we really know what that means? What is my best when it comes to living life or what am I giving to God that is my best?

During my years as caterer I worked hard to prepare the best of everything. It was my belief that food was intricately intertwined with an event. It could be a horrible location, a boring conference, or a mediocre retreat but it was made better or worse by the quality of food served.

Once while cooking for a camp whose mission was to prepare good, healthy, homemade food, and I mean homemade from soups to breads, I questioned my belief of “serving the very best.” I wondered if this monumental feat of “homemadeness" left any impression on the campers. While I liked the idea that they were being introduced to foods they may not normally eat I wondered if this wasn't a little bit over the top.

What I discovered was that “the best” did matter. One evening while dishing up grilled steak, green peppers and onions with a brownie ice cream sundae encore one camper said to me, "I'm going to miss this food. I've got to go back home to my Dad's frozen tacquitos." Aha! My quest for the answer to my “best” inquiry had ended.

When Jesus took a few ceramic water pots and turned the contents into wine a guest said to the host, "Most people serve the best first, but you have saved the best for last." Jesus knew that serving the very best made a difference.

Isn’t it funny that even something as simple as food speaks about the character of Jesus?

Friday, June 19, 2009

I Am Trusting

Last year I focused on memorizing Bible verses that revolved around trusting God. One of these verses was Psalm 37:4--

Commit your way to the Lord. Trust in him and he will act.
It's a simple verse to memorize but it packs a punch when applying it to one's personal life.It has been a particularly poignant verse for me this year. Responding to God's call to move and begin ministering in a new town, in a new state, we put our house up for sale just at the time the house market was tanking. While “they” say that buying a home is a good investment, we’ve always been in the buy high, sell low category!

From the beginning of this particular change in our lives I wanted to be faithful, waiting for God to work. My prayer had been, "God, you know we need to sell the house so, I am trusting you to bring the right buyer." It took a very conscious effort to commit my way to God and not become anxious!

And then one morning, while elbow deep in pastry dough, ten pie plates lined up in a row, my husband called with the news that despite the dire economic trend a buyer had made an offer on our home. Miracles happen at the most unexpected times! In trusting God from the beginning I was able to enjoy seeing him act!

Various times in my life I have griped and whined about our “unfortunate” circumstances and wailed about God's “inaction”. Then, when events turned around I found myself somewhat sheepish when I faced God, with thanks. But on that day, standing in the kitchen, I completely enjoyed and appreciated God's action because I had committed my way and trusted Him to do what he would do.

It was an amazing morning and through the rest of the pie baking and errands of the day I sang praises, thankful that God had acted so faithfully. But, I also thanked him for helping me to again to know that God is worthy to be trusted.

Commit your way to the Lord. Trust in him and he will act. It's an absolute truth.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Small Town Lessons

Tuesday, 1:22 p.m. - Someone reported there was a freqeunt problem with people drinking alcohol in public and harassing bicyclists at River Park. An hour later, someone called to report five people were drinking in River Park. Police responded and determined they had open bottles of root beer. Someone called an hour later to report that an individual who looked like a mountain man was drinking in the park. Police responded and determined the man was drinking Sprite.

Burbling with laughter I called out to my husband, "Listen to this one in the police blotter!" But, almost immediately my laughter stopped. Living in a small town frequently provides moments of life clarity and this was quickly becoming one.

Someone in our town had spotted these "people" and reported what they thought they saw. What a "mountain man" looks like I haven't the slightest idea but it got me thinking about how we make assumptions based on looks.

I wondered if Jesus was sitting in the park as well with these root beer, Sprite drinking hippies. Repeatedly we read in the gospels that he is caught eating with people who don't "look" like they're appropriate and so I imagine that this group, reported to the police, were probably exactly the type of crowd he would enjoy!

It's gotten me thinking again how I make assumptions without knowing, without discovering, without caring. My thoughts were tested yesterday when a young woman showed up at my door. She looked the part of the alternative lifestyle I had grown familiar with in another one of our small towns. If anyone had seen us talking they may well have thought she was asking for a handout.

This woman, however, had a passion--sustainable energy. She spoke clearly and respectfully and looked directly at me. She was confident but not belligerant and knew what she needed to exact from me. She was looking to the future and believed that significant changes needed to be made today.

Signing her petition and affirming her passion I prayed that she went away feeling encouraged. I could have been her mother, perhaps the very image that she desperately wanted to avoid. But, for a brief moment our worlds touched and a lesson was reinforced that what is seen with the eyes definitely isn't the whole story.

Jesus would have loved the moment. Hey! Perhaps Jesus was the "mountain man" drinking Sprite!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Simple Fare

But Martha was distracted with much serving...

Luke 10:40a

Martha gets a bad rap most of the time; at least that is my opinion. Preachers use Martha to illustrate a woman who makes a choice to be busy over spending time with Jesus. Jesus himself says that Martha shouldn't be "anxious and troubled" about food. But, I believe that Jesus was just keeping to his typical teaching style--using Martha's situation to illustrate a larger point. He wasn't putting down Martha's efforts in the kitchen. He was encouraging her to not make too much fuss over the meal. He didn't need a big spread, just something simple. After all, spending time with Jesus is important.

While baking cookies one afternoon it struck me that food and Jesus are a good combination. After teaching thousands of people for three days Jesus hears their growling stomachs and makes a simple meal. He catered this miracle at least twice! Plus many of his conversations with the disciples happens around “the table.”

There are lots of Marys in the world. They go to retreats and conferences in a quest to learn more about Jesus. But, you know what? At every “spiritual” retreat, every “knowing God” conference there will be a few Marthas in the kitchen, not "anxious or troubled" about the meals, but open and willing to encourage and support the faithful Marys.

Here’s a thought. Without Marthas at camps, retreats, conferences and church dinners, a number of Marys would perhaps be so ravenous that they would forget their purpose! So, here's to the Marthas!

Jesus, thank you for loving Martha.
Though sometimes she became overly focused on the
“presentation” she was also one of the first who really knew
Your power to heal and restore.
Help me in my own "Martha" spirit
to also make time to spend with you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Master Architect

You are God’s field, God’s building.

I Corinthians 3:9

If you have ever seen a building designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, you have observed an architectural style which helped change the face of contemporary architecture. Wright’s vision for public and private structures was unique and immediately identifiable. His designs have been the inspiration for other architects. But, there is nothing like an original Wright creation. His buildings are testimonies to his creative mind.

Being distinctive sets one apart and everyone has something that is distinctive. Whatever unique characteristic you might possess allows people to remember and recognize you. In some way we all want to be remembered as unique. Perhaps our achievements are an inspiration to others, the way we treat others, our wisdom or the way we handle adversity. Whatever it may be, uniqueness is a good thing.

For Jesus followers to be God’s building is the ultimate in living a unique life that reflects the Architect. It is an awesome responsibility. To be the living testimony of God’s creative genius means that when people see us and know us they will have witnessed a life that is unique and different; perhaps even an inspiration to be God’s building as well.

To be an original creation of the master Architect is a privilege. There is no better way to be unique. By being God’s building we are his examples of what he is able to do with anyone’s life. Whoever sees us should be able to recognize and remember our “style” as being life changing and one worth emulating.

Jesus, I want to be a living example of God’screative genius in my life.
Help me to see myself as God’s building to everyone that I meet.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Training Regimen

...let us run with endurance the race that is set before us...

Hebrews 12:1b

There is only one winner in each of the track events at any Summer Olympics. It’s the nature of competition. Every individual athlete, however, will have invested thousands of hours in preparation, with the goal of finishing the race with a personal record. They will think only of the race that is before them; not finishing isn’t an option.

Each of us has a race to run. What we need to ask ourselves is this: have we invested the hours into training our spiritual life such that we will be able to endure to the end. Just as with the Olympic athlete, the race we are called to run is an individual one. While we may find ourselves in a “pack” there will also be those times when we’re behind or ahead. There is a significant difference here, however, in that our spiritual race is not a competition between other Jesus followers. God calls us to run the race that He has set before us.

The challenge is staying focused. Here is where the analogy of the athlete again connects. An Olympic runner, while aware of the presence and location of the other athletes, remains focused on his own race. Well trained, this athlete resists the temptation to run the race like someone else even if they are ahead.

Endurance is built over time. You can’t run a race of endurance without building up some stamina. What training are you engaging in that will build your endurance to run the race set before you?

Jesus, help me to be disciplined in my spiritual training
so that I will be able torun with endurance the race you have set before me.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Prayer of Abandonment

Father, I abandon myself
into Your hands.
Do with me what You will,
whatever You do, I will thank You,
I am ready for all, I accept all.
Let only Your will be done in me,
as in all Your creatures,
and I'll ask nothing else, my Lord.

Into Your hands I commend my spirit;
I give it to Youwith all the love of my heart,
for I love You, Lord,and so need to give myself,
to surrender myself into Your hands
with a trust beyond all measure,
because You are my Father.

Charles de Foucauld

Thursday, June 11, 2009

God for Us

If God is for us, who can be against us?

Romans 8:31b

This is the truth: in this world you will have enemies. Now, the Christian community finds it particularly uncomfortable to recognize certain personalities as “enemies.” After all, we are supposed to love our enemies! I’m not saying that all difficult personalities are “enemies”, however, there will be people in our lives who are our “enemies” and for our own spiritual well being we would do best to recognize them as such.

At one point in our ministry my husband and I experienced a very difficult personality. Rifts within our Christian community by all manner of disinformation, gossip and slander were caused by one individual. We prayed, we talked with wiser Jesus followers, we searched our hearts and we sought reconciliation yet nothing changed the assaults being lobbed. We had an “enemy.”

Throughout the time of seeking God’s guidance, we were continually reminded of the numerous times Jesus was verbally assaulted during his ministry. Jesus never held back his opinion on the actions of those doing the undermining, but, he also didn’t waste time trying to get them to like him. They were against him so he let them go because God was for him.

We discovered, in a new way, through our “enemy” what it meant to have God for us. Having done everything we were called to do as Jesus followers, we claimed the truth that our “enemy” was miniscule compared to the Person shadowing us. Despite the gossip, slander and innuendos we had nothing to fear—God was for us.

Father, thank you for being for me and showing me
through your Son, Jesus Christ, how to stand strong in your Presence.
With you for me, I have nothing to fear.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Elusive Wisdom

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God.

James 1:5a

Wisdom is elusive, at least it seems that way. And yet, most of us can think of someone who had the ability to put together a combination of words that helped us over an emotional hurdle, directed us towards another course of action or with a few choice questions helped us solve a personal life riddle. These people usually have a special spot in our memories because of the impact of their wisdom.

It’s apparent that wisdom should be an important part of the life of a Jesus follower. Solomon asked for wisdom and received abundant blessings. Proverbs is full of the benefits of obtaining wisdom. Jesus even “increased in wisdom” (Luke 2:52)! Wisdom is obviously something worth having.

There’s simple clarity in this particular verse of James in the way it opens and closes. First, it leaves no openings for doubting that wisdom is a virtue and should be desired. If Jesus “increased in wisdom” so should anyone claiming to follow him. Second, there is a simple way to get this elusive word—ask God.It’s pretty basic. Unfortunately I’m not very good at just “asking God” for wisdom. When faced with a personal dilemma or listening to a distressed friend I grab for pithy comments and quote them like greeting cards. But, recently, in desperation, I tried the “ask God” approach and it worked! A situation that in the past had taken hours to resolve took fifteen minutes. It was amazing!

God, I lack wisdom.
Please give me the wisdom I needfor each day and every encounter.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On Being Counter Cultural

. . .take up his cross and follow Me.
Matthew 16:24c

At one point in our lives, we lived in a city where a congregation believed in taking up the cross of Jesus. . .literally. The cross they took up was “sized proportionately” to the one Christ bore with a notable exception; their cross included a sturdy, rubber wheel at the bottom making the “dragging” smoother. Each year, at Easter, they faithfully wheeled the cross around the 100 mile city circumference, often with amused media in tow.

Perhaps if Rome had added a rubber wheel to the cross of Christ, he wouldn’t have needed Simon’s assistance! But putting all dark humor aside, taking up the cross of Christ is challenging because of its intent. To take up our cross is to live life in the Jesus way. In other words, living in the world as a counter cultural resident.

The church members were counter cultural at one level—their actions were considered odd. But, simply being “odd” isn’t what Jesus was after. Instead, with every conversation, every interaction, every reaction individuals and crowds were left with the sensation of their outward and inward cores shifting.

A common “culture” is non-existent in our present society. As quickly as the fringe adopts a new persona it’s sucked up by the main. There are, however, cultural traits of humanity—greed, selfishness, gluttony, arrogance, snobbishness, fear to name a few—that never change. These demand that we take up our cross, follow Jesus, and live counter to the culture.

We will definitely be “at odds” with the world, but it’ll receive a high definition picture of what it means to be a Jesus follower.

Jesus, reveal to me the areas in my life
where I live like the cultural.
Help me, to live the Jesus way, as a counter cultural resident.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Companion Walking

You shall walk in all the way that the Lord your God has commanded you.

Deuteronomy 5:33a

I confidently told my daughter not to worry about my transportation for the day. After my appointment my plan was to catch the bus home. I miscalculated however. No buses went in my direction. Realizing that I had no other choice I began walking the three mile route home--grumbling. This had not been my plan; I was wearing only flip flops.

After one complaining mile it occurred to me that the time could be better used and so began thoughts on walking. . .with God. Much like my unexpected walk home, walking with God is full of the unexpected. We make plans of how we want to live, when we want to marry, have children, engage in careers, establish financial milestones, leaping ahead we set goals for retirement. Then suddenly the career goes bust, a spouse dies or infertility stops the family dream—our plans suddenly become flimsy flip flops.

Walking with God is a mystery. It’s a winding country road—you don’t know what’s ahead until you get there. It would be nice if we could have a ten mile visual. But, if we did we might take off running, leaving our walking Companion, because we could see the way by ourselves. God doesn’t want to lose us as a walking companion. The route may be different than what we planned but the companionship along the way will make it worthwhile.

I finished the remaining two miles talking with my Companion and my feet felt just fine when I got home!

Jesus, you walked for miles talking to people about the
Kingdom and your Father. Help me to stop trying to plan a life route
and instead enjoy your companionship.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Speaking of younger people today, some really are unbelieving: that is they have recognized that the God of Jeus, this God of tenderness actually exists--and they refuse Him.

Others are not really unbelievers as such since they have rejected only the picture of God they have seen portrayed through certain Christians now or in history.

Adapated from Jean Francois Six

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm loving VBS this week but it means I haven't been able to write! So, here is a passage that has had particular significance for me. May God's presence richly bless you today.

With what shall I come before the Lord,
and bow myself before God on high?
Shall I come before him with burnt offerings,
with calves a year old?
Will the Lord be pleased with thousands of rams,
with ten thousands of rivers of oil?
Shall I give my firstborn for my transgression,
the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?

He has told you, O man, what is good;
and what does the Lord require of you
but to do justice, and to love kindness,
and to walk humbly with your God.

Micah 6:6-8

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Be assured of this, that you must live a dying life. And the more completely a man dies to self, the more he begins to live to God. No man is fit to understand heavenly things, unless he is resigned to bear hardships for Christ's sake. Nothing is more acceptable to God, and nothing more salutary for yourself, than to suffer gladly for Christ's sake. And if it lies in your choice, you should choose rather to suffer hardships for Christ's sake, than to be refreshed by many consolations; for thus you will more closely resemble Christ...

Had there been a better way, more profitable to the salvation of mankind than suffering, then Christ would have revealed it in His word and life. But He clearly urges both His own disciples and all who wish to follow Him to carry the cross, saying, "If any will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me." Therefore, when we have read and studied all things, let this be our final resolve: "that through much tribulation we must enter the Kingdom of God."

Thomas a Kempis, The Imitation of Christ

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

God Sightings

I will not be afraid though trouble's out there night and day.
Oh, I will not be swamped with fear
'Cause God is always, always, always, YEAH, I know He's here!

Sixty-five children singing and dancing to the cajun rhythm was my God sighting last night. Vacation Bible School has begun in our congregation. For five nights I have been appointed the "Music Leader" which means I get to burn off all my excess energy along with the kids! It's great!

Our verse for Monday was Exodus 3:12--God said, I will be with you. This was God's response to Moses when, in fear, Moses wails, "How am I supposed to go before Pharoah and ask for the release of Your people?" God was asking Moses to do a job that seemed far beyond his ability and Moses was letting him know. God's answer to the doubt and fear of Moses was, I will be with you.

Now, that was the message I was to keep repeating to our kids last night--God is with us and they shouted back Fear Not! The energy, the spirit were contagious but somewhere in the middle of the evening I was struck with how quickly we lose the trust of a child in God's presence. Age brings wisdom but it also drags along doubt, fear, mistrust and these companions cause us to stumble and we miss God's voice, I will be with you.

At VBS this week we're encouraging the kids to look for God Sightings--those things big or small that show us that God is with us. So, this is my challenge to you today. Look for a God Sighting today--how does God demonstrate that He is with you, TODAY. Don't take anything for granted!

God is with you--FEAR NOT!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Payment Due

Pay to all what is owed to them.

Romans 13:7

A clear conscience is worth its weight in gold. When one’s desk is piled high with bills the action of paying off what is owed provides a sense of order but also perhaps a pound of anxiety if times are tough. If you are breathing, bills are a reality and so is making sure that you prioritize your expenses so that those bills can be paid promptly.

There’s nothing like monthly bills to remind us of the importance of prioritizing. Establishing a budget that, hopefully, coincides with our needs we prioritize ahead of time for the payments that are required. Consequently, we’re not surprised when a bill arrives because we have spent the time preparing. We consider it important to have the money to make the payments.

Isn’t it a wonder then that we find it difficult to pay what is owed to God, namely our time? We wouldn’t think about not paying our bills. And yet each day, at the sun’s rising a daily bill is presented reminding us of what we owe. The God who set the sun in place is owed our lives. The payment is prioritizing our day to be in conversation with Him.

Like forgetting to pay a bill and finding the electricity shut off, forgetting to give God one’s time could also prove detrimental. When we make conversing with God a priority nothing comes as a surprise. We are prepared and ready for anything because we’ve invested ourselves in God’s presence. The dividends will help us survive even the most challenging of times.
Father, you created me in your image.
Jesus, you show me how to live.
Holy Spirit, you bring me comfort and guidance.
I owe you my life.
Today and every day my priority is to spend time in your presence.