Thursday, March 11, 2010

Did I Hear Something?

Whether you turn to the right or to the left,
Your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying,
“This is the way; walk in it.”

Isaiah 30:21 (NIV)

When I look around me I am startled that the God that I love and worship is so creative. Each day offers up a new opportunity to speak that creative Spirit into the lives of the people He brings into my life. When I allow myself to be open to the voice of God, hearing His words, I literally can become His hands, feet and mouth to the rest of His creation.

I’ve been thinking about how we actually hear God’s voice in any given situation and in hearing, do we really trust His voice to guide us in our conversations. Recently I have found myself second guessing my responses, reliving my conversations and kicking myself for “why didn’t I tell them. . .?” or, even more guilt inducing is wondering whether I have effectively been a testimony to the good news of Jesus Christ.

When we are drinking coffee with one of God’s creations, or looking over the shoulder of the appliance repair man, there is the temptation to run through our checklist of the “right” things to say. But, by preparing ourselves with prayer, which takes us into the presence of God, we can be confident of hearing a voice behind us guiding our actions and giving us the words to speak. With this confidence we are able to step boldly into the unknown and be Christ to everyone we meet. If, after our meeting we experience some self-doubt as to how well we did, we can trust that the words we spoke and the “points” we covered were what God wanted.

He is able to take our verbal bumblings and shape them into This is the way; walk in it.

Jesus! Help me to hear Your voice!