Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Food for Thought

Man can control all kinds of things, but the tongue may be the hardest of all. Once a word is out of our mouth, it is hard to call it back. Regret will not achieve this.

God's rulings are not negotiable, either. When we ignore them we hurt ourselves and usually others as well. When we see the damage we cause them we are aware of our sin, and rightly are frightened of God. His forgiveness frees us, but if we become sensitized to His approval, and ask for the sense of the "fear of the Lord" this can help us begin to know wisdom, and guard our tongue.

The man who never minces his words is responsible for a lot of indigestion.

Hugh Redwood

Today on I am on the road traveling and praying. May each of you know the presence of God today allowing the words he gives you to flow from your mouth. Blessings.

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