Monday, October 13, 2008

A Child's View

…I say to you,
whoever does
not receive the

kingdom of God,
like a child

shall not enter it.

Mark 10:15

We were locked out of the house! Tears puddling in her eyes my small niece looked up at me, “Aunt Val, how are we going to get back in?” Taking her in my arms I asked her, “Do you trust me to take good care of you and find a way back in the house?” Nodding her head and griping my outstretched hand we walked away from the locked door and towards a plan of action. She never asked again how I would accomplish my task. Instead she went about her play confident that I would do what I had promised. In time, the door would open because I had given my word.

A child’s faith is inspiring. No wonder Jesus used it as a point of reference for spiritual maturity. Children have the uncanny ability to believe and accept what they cannot understand. Somewhere along the line we lose the gift and believing becomes insurmountable. With every downturn comes a litany of questions—why did it happen, how will we survive, when will we see a turnaround.

It is not a child’s level of intelligence that Jesus uses as an illustration of how to live in the Kingdom. Being ignorant or naïve isn’t a Jesus follower requirement. Instead it is a quality of believing that in spite of not knowing how or why, when God promises that he will “deliver them (us) out of all their troubles” (Psalm 34:17b) we look into his face, grip his hand and put our complete trust in him.

Jesus, I have outgrown
“childish” things
but help me to never
outgrow the spiritual gift
of a “childish” trust in You

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Anonymous said...

Yes . . . Thank you for the encouragement and the wisdom of this piece. The ease with which we alll cave in to fear, doubt, anxiety is staggering. To believe again, to hope, to have faith -- this is the gift of the child. I want that! Thank you!