Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Conscience Check

Pray for us, for we
are sure that we
have a clear conscience,
desiring to act honorably
in all things.

Hebrews 13:18

When making a decision there’s nothing like a conscience free of doubt or misgivings. But it seems that these days it is more and more difficult to maintain a clear conscience as we are faced with decisions and choices that are troubling. From encounters with neighbors to co-workers to work ethics to church politics we come up against issues that cause us to take a double think about our reactions. Are our intentions truly honorable or do they reside in the muck of self preservation?

Perhaps we’ve been blamed for a broken relationship, a misunderstanding at work, an unrealized expectation or we have been unjustly accused and we wrestle with our conscience as to how we should respond. At times like these wouldn’t it be nice if God would just speak, audibly, letting us know if the decisions we’re making are good ones?

As Jesus followers it’s a frequent necessity to call in check our “instinctive” reactions. Unfortunately we live under the cloud of “human nature” whose instincts or more along the line of the category of “sin.” And it’s for this reason that we must check ourselves, listening to the voice of God through the truths of Scripture. In the "checking" we discover how little “human nature” has altered.

Life is full of checks and balances, but for the Jesus follower we have access to the perfect scale. To gain a clear conscience and live a life that is honorable means being silent, praying intentionally, studying the biblical truths and no doubt fighting against what may come “naturally.”

Jesus, forgive me when I respond to my “nature”
instincts instead of my “redeemed” ones.
You speak through the ministry
of your life setting the guidelines in place.
These are what I want to keep me in check.

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