Thursday, November 13, 2008


Even though troubles came down
on me hard, your commands
always gave me delight.

Psalm 119:143

Walking together into Sunday School my companion said, “I don’t know why Job had so many problems. He just got hit with all sorts of stuff and I can’t remember what he did.” “Absolutely nothing.” I replied. Job lived a blameless and upright life. He feared God and avoided evil at all costs. (Job 1:1-2) There was no reason for his trouble except that God gave Satan permission to give a try at tempting Job away from the presence of the Lord. What Job endures as a result of this bargain is pretty grim.

There doesn’t seem to be any “fairness” when it comes to troubles. For some life seems to offer little difficulty while others get far more than their “fair” share. It can be troubling and if you’re like me you may have wondered if God has given permission to Satan in your life as well.

Job can be a source of comfort, however. Through it all God never left Job’s side. God knew how he had made Job and he was confident in his creation. Job’s initial reaction to his troubles is upbeat as he claims God’s “commands.” But, of course, he is human and ultimately slides into despair. Nevertheless those “commands” had become an integral part of his soul. They carried him through the darkest moments to the point on the other side when Job with confidence is able to say, “I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.” (Job 42:2)

Present God, troubles have
come down on me hard.
Don’t take them away, but
reawaken in me the truths
of your commands so that
I can find joy in the sorrow.

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