Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Prayers

Pray especially for rulers
and their governments
to rule well…

I Timothy 2:2

No matter the election outcome we must remember to pray. This will be, for some, a monumental task because of the extreme emotions that attach themselves to elections. There will be those who with one result will think that God has left us. With another, others will be convinced that God is protecting us from certain doom. Paul, however, isn’t talking about prayer for God to be on one side or another. Throughout the Bible we are instructed to obey the rulers that are in place and pray, pray, pray.

With these words Paul urges Timothy to keep focused on his calling. It’s not a question whether we agree with the politics of the time or the person. More than likely there will be one election or another that we oppose. No, the business we are to be about as followers of Jesus Christ is prayer, believing that God is in control no matter the elected official. If we truly believe that the God we follow sees all, knows all, and controls all then we are relieved of our fussing over political figures because all our fussing does is distract us from our primary calling, prayer.

If you agree with the outcome, pray for God’s wisdom to saturate the core of their being. If you disagree pray the same prayer. Our pastors, our senators, our representatives, our presidents, whoever is in leadership or authority over us need our prayers. But our prayers should be about calling upon God’s wisdom, God’s direction, God’s knowledge and not begging God for change. Whatever the circumstances it may be that God wants us to change. This is the prayer that we should pray. God, how do you want me to live, what are you requiring of me for such a time as this?

This is the way our Savior God wants us to live. (I Timothy 2:3 The Message)

All knowing God bring your
wisdom to those in leadership.
Open their eyes to your vision
of how you want the world to be.
Help us to be Your peace
in the midst of the chaos.
Show us how to live at such
a time as this!

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