Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Speak Up!

Don’t be bluffed into silence by
the threats of bullies.
There’s nothing they can do
to your soul…Save your fear for God,
who holds your entire life

—body and soul—in his hands.

Matthew 10:28 (The Message)

Chinese Christian, Brother Yun is a man well acquainted with bullies. As part of the growing house church movement in China for over forty years, he has been beaten within an inch of his life numerous times and suffered persecution beyond what any healthy mind could imagine. He has never, however, allowed the bullies to silence him.

Inside and outside the church there are an abundance of bullies. Unfortunately, there are even more who have been bullied into silence. Seeing injustice and mistreatment the silent ones turn their heads away hoping that it will go away, afraid that if they speak up and take action they’ll lose friends, lose their position or just plain lose the fight. As a result, people get beaten up and destroyed because the silent ones are more afraid of the bullies than of God.

Power and control at various levels are what bullies seek. But, as Jesus followers we know that there is only One who has complete power and control. This is the One whom we should fear the most—the One who truly holds our entire life in his hands. Wherever we encounter bullies or see others bullied we cannot be afraid to speak the gospel truth. The harm the bullies inflict is detrimental and destructive but their effects are mild compared to God’s response if we don’t speak the gospel truth in boldness and love.

Silence only affirms the bullies attitudes and speaks nothing about who we are to be in Christ. Don’t affirm the bullies! Speak the gospel truth today.

Jesus, you never allowed
the bullies to silence you.
When you saw shameful actions,
heard damaging words,
and witnessed abuse you spoke boldly
about who God wants us to be.
Help me, Jesus to no longer be
silent but to boldly speak your gospel truth.


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