Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reading Hosea

Selection from the Celtic Daily Prayer Book

Reading for today Hosea 3:1-3

The prophet Hosea was married to Gomer, whom he loved dearly but who was often unfaithful to him. Out of this experience, Hosea was able to speak to the people about how God feels when they run away from His love, and how He remains faithful.

God made us; and for us to function as intended we should consult the Manufacturer's instructions. Sometimes the handbook is out of reach, but it holds the answers or, at least, the explanation. God's intention for sex was that it be part of the bonding of a permanent relationship: that one body and one spirit go together. When a person gives him or herself to a number of partners that person is joined to each of them; and, as each walks away, that person feels more and more fragmented.

God can heal that fragmentedness and release the bonds of the past. These can be cut right through. His laws are there for our protection.

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