Friday, September 19, 2008

Unexpected Encounters

For several years I have taken as my life "theme" each day that I am "eagerly expecting the unexpected." At the time when I claimed this as my "mantra" we were at the open door of a long awaited sabbatical. I was fully expecting the unexpected to be exciting. Now, over five years later much of the ensuing unexpected wasn't so pleasant. Nevertheless, the theme I took then continues with me today because of those experiences. Following Jesus is full of the unexpected.

And then one day, there is an unexpected encounter that stops you in mid-stride and you have no choice but to receive it as an amazing God moment. And while it may seem ridiculous to some, such a moment happened to me recently. I saw a moose.

Now granted, I live in a state that has such animals, but I am not a hunter nor was I in a remote wilderness area. As we were driving home early one morning through the mountains I saw ahead what appeared to be a the biggest statue I had ever seen. But, it didn't make sense because it was at the side of the road! Coming closer I stopped the car in the middle of the road, woke my snoozing husband with an urgent whisper, "It's a moose. Look at the moose."

The next thing was a marvel to see. This glorious creature, with its enormous antlers, spindley legs but massive body began to move, gracefully. While there were cars coming north and south around the turn it was absolutely quiet in that moment. Nothing accompanied us. And in that unexpected moment I was very much aware of the One who had thought up and created the moose.

I know it may sound silly. But, for a city girl like me, to see such a creature, so unexpectedly, I just couldn't help saying to my Father, "Wow! Thank you" because that moose reminded me that in spite of the challenges and the uncertainties God continues to allow me to live and breathe an amazing life.

Just something amusing. But maybe someday you'll see a "moose" and remember the One who made you.

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