Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Living Faith

Kindle a flame,
to lighten the dark
and take all fear away.

Grabbing my bag and Bible I jumped into the car. My spirit was anxious as I headed to our worship service. The past few months have been challenging to say the least. What we had anticipated and expected about our future prior to moving and beginning ministry here has not been our reality. God's "pillar of cloud" has moved in a very different direction.

The day before I had popped in a CD of music from the Iona Community as a way of soothing my troubled soul. It had worked wonders then but now I needed silence, not really in any "mood" to be soothed. As I reached to turn off the stereo the final track came through and I was stopped--Kindle a flame, to lighten the darkness, and take all fear away. Helplessly I was drawn in as over and over the voices sang this prayerful meditation.

Making my anxious way to worship I began singing along, praying that the Holy Spirit would do exactly as the song/prayer requested. Our place of ministry needed a flame kindled providing a circle of light in the darkness. And all the accumulating fears, whatever they may be for this community of believers, needed to be taken away.

Three miles later, such a brief time, continuing to sing as I entered our sanctuary my spirit was far less anxious. A "pillar of fire" was going to lead the way.

...he knows what is in the darkness,
and the light dwells with him.
Daniel 2:22

Lyrics by Wild Goose Music, Iona Community, England

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Anonymous said...

The timing of receiving your blog with Daniel 2:22 was orchestrated by the Lord. As I was leading my Bible Study group it was the perfect response to one of the participants concerns. Then later while I was with a group of friends, it was the encouragement needed to remind someone of God's faithful presence even in a dark place. Thank you Valerie and thank you Lord Jesus!