Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nothing but Persistent

Many tried to
hush him up,
but he yelled

all the louder,
“Son of David! Mercy,
have mercy on me!”

Mark 10:48 (The Message)

Bartimaeus had learned that if he was going to get attention he had to be the one who yelled loudest. One of many who depended on the generosity of strangers he knew that sitting quietly didn’t get any clinks in his bowl. His keen hearing alerted him to the tread of feet long before his companions. Waiting for the right moment he would pitch his voice so that the first voice heard would be the one remembered.

When one of the “senses” is lost, the remaining go on hyper alert. So, it’s not surprising that with his “we don’t see them” status, Bartimaeus heard numerous conversations. Even if he hadn’t listened Bartimaeus could feel the heightened climate and he determined a plan.

Positioning himself carefully he waited. There was no mistaking it, not only could he hear the commotion but the dirt beneath him poofed with the weight of hundreds of feet. He had heard about the crowds but had never anticipated it to be quite so huge. On this day, however, money wasn’t what Bartimaeus was after. The time had come!

Jesus! Mercy, have mercy on me! Repeatedly he pitched his voice over the clamor and repeatedly he heard mouths shushing and hands pushing to quiet him. Pitching all the louder he heard, “What can I do for you?” In a flash Bartimaeus replied—I want to see. Instantly his eyes saw the eyes of his Healer.

Mark identifies Bartimaeus because his listeners would have remembered him. He is after all the perfect example of persistent and believing prayer.

Jesus, thank you for
healing Bartimaeus and
in so doing showing me
that prayer cannot be anything
but persistent and believing.
Artwork--Bartimeo, Mexican Icon, Galeria de Obras de Coleccion

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