Thursday, September 18, 2008

Distinctive Melodies

If…lifeless instruments,
such as the flute or harp,
do not give distinct notes,
how will anyone know
what is played?

I Corinthians 14:8

Enthusiastically they reasoned if other kids could do it what was stopping them! They would form a band. After all, they “knew” all the popular songs. Rehearsals would be at our home. One of them had a keyboard, another a violin, a few of them could sing, even a small set of drums appeared on the appointed day. An hour later they were gone. “What happened to rehearsal?” I asked my daughter. “Oh, it didn’t sound very good. None of us really knew how to play the instruments.”

The next time you listen to your favorite piece of music remember what is required to produce the notes. Your enjoyment didn’t just happen. Before the music made its way out of your stereo or iPod a huge amount of time, effort, dedication, commitment and practice preceded.

Some, like myself, may play an instrument but you’ll never hear my recordings! Long ago I stopped practicing and while I may still have the ability to sit down and play through a piece, the music isn’t very distinctive.

The community of believers is full of musicians. Some have learned the beginning spiritual lessons reciting them as crisply as a “C” scale, but that’s where it stops. Others want to learn how to be a follower. Satisfied with do’s and don’ts the music they produce, while clear, is stilted, never becoming anything more. Then there are those who want to live the Jesus way. Learning, practicing, feeling the music in their marrow, their lives become distinctive melodies that encourage others to become Music students.

Jesus, forgive me when
I don’t take the time to
keep learning and practicing what it
means to be Your follower.
Help me to be a melody
that encourages people to become Your musicians.
Artwork--Unused Instruments, Carmen Cartiness Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

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