Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Working Overtime

Jesus said, “Come off by yourselves; let’s take a break and get a little rest.”

Mark 6:31 (The Message)

As an executive director I am paid on a salary basis. Yet daily I keep track of what I have accomplished and the hours I worked. Recently I figured out my hours and realized that in a little over two months I had worked over 40 hours of “overtime.” And I had wondered why I was so tired! This extra work has been compounded by three previous years of a difficult and painful congregational ministry which has now come to a close. My body hurts.

No one understands a hectic, demanding, out of control life like Jesus. Many of his greatest moments come after he has taken a break. His effectiveness was greatest when accompanied by periods of rest.

“God, what would you have me do” needs to be my daily prayer. I know people who feel guilty for taking a nap or cutting out early to go to bed. Their accomplishments are impressive but they always seem to come with a cost. Their health becomes tenuous; relationships strained.

Often I feel as though my life is an ultra-marathon. Phone calls, schedules, appointments, voices keep me running and my foot pounding dulls the sound of His Voice, “take a break and get a little rest.” But, soon I will put it all aside to go on spiritual retreat with my husband. I am praying for some great moments afterwards!

Jesus, help me to hear your voicereminding me to take a break.
My heart, my soul, my body needs to rest with you.

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