Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Intrusive Moments

And he went with him.

Mark 5:24

No one was around when I first entered the church but then, spotting an open door, I rapped lightly on the window. I could see the pastor sitting at his desk but he didn’t respond. Certain he hadn’t heard, I knocked more firmly; still no acknowledgement. It was then that I saw his hands folded in prayer and I walked back out the door.

Climbing back into my car I wondered what Jesus would have done if he had heard a knock on his door. His schedule was continually interrupted by people needing attention. Even when he goes home some guys tear up his roof in order to get their friend to him! Jesus always responds, always meets, always attends. When he prays he takes himself completely out of sight.

As I drove back to work, mulling over the WWJD moment, I was reminded of encounters that I had deemed an intrusion because I had “Jesus work.” Instead of pushing aside the papers while a person was talking I continued to shuffle. Instead of inviting someone to sit I kept us standing, eager to get on. What had I missed in those moments of “intrusion?”

The pastor was doing a good thing. But I believe Jesus probably would have answered my knock.

Jesus, help me to see moments
of “intrusion” as opportunities from You.

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