Thursday, January 20, 2011

Standing True

The Lord stands true at your side.

Psalm 110:5 (The Message)

In the past several weeks I’ve heard from friends who have lost their jobs, another one is living on social security and food stamps. There was a phone call from a mother who had just buried her 28 year old son - he had died of cancer. Another mom was saying goodbye to a son headed to Afghanistan. Then there was a wife who moments before had heard a cancer diagnosis for her husband. They felt like they were standing alone.

I’m not sure how to affirm that God is present in times of difficulty except to speak from experience. My challenges pale in the shadows of the stories I’ve heard but I know that I am alive because God has stood by my side.

How I wish life could be easier! It would be just super if I could have gotten to where I am today without the pain! But on the flip when I hear the voices telling me their stories I have a visceral reaction – I hurt. And I hurt for them only because I have been hurt myself.

I trust that Jesus is standing beside each storyteller. I trust that although they may stand still for awhile in the hollowness of fear, sorrow, shame and despair Jesus will lead them out. I know this because he's done the same for me time after time after time.

Jesus, thank you.
Help me to open myself up
to your always present nature.

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