Thursday, January 13, 2011

Never Changing

I the Lord do not change.

Malachi 3:6a

In my lifetime I have seen black and white television turn into a HD flat screen high pixel picture. A man walked on the moon when I was in grade school and now there are regular excursions into space. Roe vs. Wade changed the future of the unborn when I was in high school and continues to change how society “sees” life. I didn’t take a computer to college. The college had a computer – it fit into a large classroom. Today we have two laptops and an “old” computer sitting in the garage. And what about phones! The list of changes in my “brief” life could go on and on.

In a changing world isn’t it good to know that there is One who has never changed and no change is on the horizon?

Of course, there is something else that has never changed and that is human nature. When I read through the Bible or the writings of the early Christians it is startling just how constant is our humanness. From Eve’s conversation with the snake to today the battle for our souls, our lives, our thoughts, has been on a never ending loop. Over and over the same battle has been waged, perhaps on different battlegrounds, but the battle is the same.

Into my human sameness steps the holy sameness of God. He calms the chaos, breaks the loop and sets me free to live a life of peace in the midst of this swirling changing world that I presently call home.

I praise the LORD who does not change!

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