Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Way

Commit your way
to the Lord;
trust in him
and he will act.

Psalm 37:5

Trust is at the heart of so much of what we do. We respond to situations and individuals according to our level of trust. Trust is often easily given but, once broken many of us have discovered that trust is not easily restored.

In January I put together twelve verses to be memorized for the year. It was part of a talk I gave for a group of Jesus followers starting out the New Year with an Epiphany dinner—the season for new discoveries.

Of course, what begins as a plan of action for others quickly becomes a life lesson for oneself. While the whole of my life has been a lesson on trust these past five months have thrust me into class full time.

My “way” was my husband accepting a new pastoral call 1500 miles away. The effect was our daughter’s early high school graduation, college preparation, death of a family member, putting a house on the market, finding a new house to call home, a new town, new congregation, even an unexpected surgery, everything has been new. Trust becomes an uncertain commodity in a new environment.

Every morning became a repeated prayer of, “I trust you, Lord.” Today I can confidently shout, GOD IS WORTHY OF TRUST. From a house to meals to safe travel to new friends to fellow Jesus followers, God has acted. Everything that has been needed has been provided as well as some extras.

The house still hasn’t sold, but, “I trust you, Lord!”

Jesus, whatever today holds I commit to you;
trusting that you will act in a way that is best for me

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