Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nothing Wrecked

The lastest in the Narnia movies has just been released. Based on the books by C.S. Lewis the movies bring to life the stories and if one knows what is being said, the truth of Aslan.

Recently I saw Prince Caspian and remembered how when quick decisions are made and waiting on God is not part of the plan, things can go very wrong. However, God can intervene and make all things good.

Today's reading is by Charles de Foucauld and aptly illustrates this truth.

Trust nothing, yourself least of all; but in Me have that perfect confidence that banishes fear. Remember how many storms I have quieted by a word, making a great calm to follow. Remember how I held up Peter walking on the waters. I am always as near to all people as I was then to him, and as ready to help and succour in all that is for the good of the soul. Be confident, faithful, courageous; have no fear for your body and soul, for I am there, loving and all-powerful. Never forget that I am there. In this life the tempest never ceases, and your boat is ever ready to sink.

But I am there, and with Me it will never be wrecked.

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