Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Firmly Knitted

For you formed
my inward parts;
you knitted me
together in my
mother’s womb.

Psalm 139:13

Having been told that pregnancy was a far reaching possibility, Marilyn was thrilled to discover that the improbable had become reality. The excitement was short lived, however, when several weeks later the doctor declared a miscarriage and a D & C was performed. Dwight and Marilyn left that day with only the weight of sorrow.

When a few weeks passed Marilyn was shocked to discover that neither miscarriage nor D & C had been the reality, but, in fact, the baby was still growing. She was going to be a mother after all. And, after a few more months of womb somersaults, Marilyn and Dwight left the hospital with the weight of a 9 lb. baby.

Several years ago, while a participant in a healing conference in Oakland, California, I was taken back during one session to the point of being in my mother’s womb. As I sat listening to the weeping of those who felt unwanted I became aware that my own senses were in a state of heightened security. I felt warm, safe--protected!

Later, in conversation with my mother I expressed awe by my experience. She reminded me of the circumstances surrounding my birth. Despite a diagnosed miscarriage and D & C procedure, I had remained firmly knitted. And now, that weighty 9 lb. baby Marilyn thought she had lost, was experiencing anew the reality that God had formed and knitted me and no matter what, I could not be unraveled!

Father, thank you for your
creative and durable knitting!
Help me to remember
that what you create
cannot be undone

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