Monday, May 12, 2008

Salty Speech

Let your speech
always be gracious,
seasoned with salt,
so that you may
know how you
ought to answer
each person.

Colossians 4:6

I’m a foodie, so I understand the importance of salt in a recipe. It’s the simple, plain ingredient that is essential in bringing out the flavor of almost any ingredient. Too much you have failure but just enough is pure success.

We have discovered that the sticks and stones adage was a lie--words do hurt. Unfortunately, emotions play a role in our ability to choose gracious and seasoned words. When sharp words are said all that remains is emptiness. No one has been helped.

Jesus knew exactly what to say. Accusing, insulting, taunting words were hurled at him, repeatedly and yet his responses were intelligent, clear and concise. His parables may not have been completely understood, nevertheless, those hearing his answers knew that they held truth. Jesus never had a “back at ‘ya” approach.

We’re not hearing gracious words this political season! Sadly, we hear Christians hurling accusations at each other as well. In this immediate age words are instantly transmitted, their affects almost instant. As Jesus followers we need to consider more carefully our saltiness. How we respond to each other no matter our church affiliation is, in part, what will make a difference in how the world views us.

Biblical interpretation may vary, but, we have a common truth in our Creator, the Son he sent to show us how to live, forgiving us our failures and the Holy Spirit who continues to work today. Holding tight to these truths opens the way to gracious and seasoned speech. Making a difference in the world begins with how much salt we’re willing to scatter on each other.

Jesus, your words were
always well seasoned.
Help me to guard my tongue
speaking words that
will bring life to the hearer.

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Anonymous said...

Yes . . . God used "words" to construct all that is. Indeed, all physical matter is nothing more than materialized speech. So our speech materializees either into love or hate, anxiety or peace, forgiveness or bitterness. I appreciate this piece and the thirty plus years you and I have been learning this truth together. Thank you for still another good word on Words. ~~ Bill