Friday, September 3, 2010

Honored Guests

Having wiped up the last of the remains of our dinner for seven my attention turned to breakfast the next morning for more friends. Pulling out my grandmother's silver, my wedding china and my uncle's crystal goblets I carefully smoothed out the white linen tablecloth and began deliberately setting each place. Does this all sound terribly quaint and old fashioned? I suppose it does. China, silver and crystal patterns aren't particularly relevant to the 20 something crowd.

 I am a complex woman I am sure.My husband assures me of this fact fairly frequently. Loving change but cherishing the old I straddle two worlds that often careen into each other just to bounce off and disappear into opposing realms. Many times I ask myself, why bother with china when paper plates are much more expedient! Nevertheless, there remains in me a hungering for beauty in the most basic of functions, namely a meal.

Jesus sat at table with friends and outcasts - the sensory nature of each table reflecting the character of the host.  I can't help but wonder if Martha didn't put out her very best for him. Or imagine the kind of meal Peter's mother-in-law must have prepared Jesus after he touched her! The meals kept Jesus with them, opening up conversation, enjoying his company. But, I believe they were also expressions of love. Martha's table groaned with the weight of her love. The final Passover feast spilled over with the abundance of the disciples love. Jesus was a treasured guest, deserving of the finest that was found in their cupboards.

And so with all these thoughts about Jesus as guest, meal as expressions of love,  I nestle the final cup in its saucer. Morning will bring the laughter and warmth of friends through my door. Jesus will be here too. I hope that my table will be a testimony of my love for both friend and Savior. 

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