Thursday, September 16, 2010


Had trouble with the internet last evening and so this morning I'm reposting a devo from a year ago. Hope you don't mind. I love to hear from readers. Thank you for your comments!

Run away from infantile indulgence.
Run after mature righteousness—faith, love, peace...

2 Timothy 2:22 (The Message)

“We’re training the baby at a very early age how to relax.” So says the owner of a new up and coming “baby spa” where infants come to be soothed, massaged and coddled. Here infants will be the focus of attention with someone attending to the “needs” they don’t know exist. And while these infants know nothing of what it will take to learn how to walk, talk, and ultimately work to support themselves, it is apparently important that in their helpless, dependent state they learn how to do nothing.

Time will ultimately tell us if “training” a baby how to relax is successful or necessary. But even before the progress of time common sense would seem to say that what is being taught at a deeper level is the importance of “me”, “my”, “mine."

How does this pertain to the life of a Jesus follower? If I look at the “baby spa” image as well as the underlying “me” message I better start running! Taking account of my life and asking the question, “What indulgences occupy my life, keeping me as the focus?” could be painful. I like certain indulgences!

But, the message of Jesus was to not live for myself but to make my life an outpouring of God’s Spirit. This type of maturity comes only as I run from that which keeps me at the “baby spa.” Running towards faith, love and peace doesn’t allow for “me” time but I believe I'll be in better shape.

I want you as my coach, Jesus. Teach me to run!

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