Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On Being Vulnerable

I pray that this quote below will stimulate the brain waves for you. On first reading it sounds "nice" but read it several times and you may discover, as I have, the difficulty of being truly vulnerable. I'm twisting in my seat!

From Ronald Rolheiser, The Restless Heart

It is because of the refusal to be vulnerable that, far too often, instead of enjoying friendship and intimacy with those around us, we find ourselves fencing with each other, using our talents, achievements and strengths as weapons.

To be vulnerable is to be strong enough to be able to present ourselves without false props, without an artificial display of our credentials. In brief, to be vulnerable is to be strong enough to be honest and tender. Like Jesus, the person who is vulnerable is a person who cares enough to let himself be weak, precisely because he does care.

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