Monday, June 14, 2010

Good Bones

You are God’s field, God’s building.

I Corinthians 3:9 (The Message)

Once, a friend of mine described a house as having “good bones.” It’s a phrase that has stuck with me because of its no nonsense, dirt level quality. Now when I look at a building, a home, a new structure I ask, “Am I seeing a good bone structure?” Sometimes I’m surprised that what initially appeared to me as distinctive when looked at more intently, ends up to not have “good bones.”

Being distinctive, having “good bones” sets one apart. And, being God’s creation means that everyone has “good bones!” But the best part is God’s creativity—none of us have the same bone structure! We are each uniquely created.

In some way we all want to be remembered as unique. Perhaps our achievements are an inspiration, the way we respond to a stranger, our wisdom or the way we handle adversity. Whatever it may be, uniqueness is a good thing.

To be God’s building is the ultimate in living a life that reflects the Architect. It is an awesome responsibility. To be the living example of God’s creative genius means that when people see us they will know that we have been built with “good bones” and that somehow our very “bone” structure causes us to live our life differently.

I have been built by a master Architect. By being God’s building I am a physical reality of what he is able to do with anyone’s life. Whoever sees me should be able to recognize and remember my “good bones” and perhaps allow God to build “good bones” in them as well.

Jesus, I want to be a living example of God’s creative genius in my life.
Help me to see myself as God’s building to everyone that I meet.

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