Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fear Not!

God said, I will be with you.

Exodus 3:12

This was God's response to Moses when, in fear, Moses wails, "How am I supposed to go before Pharoah and ask for the release of Your people?" God was asking Moses to do a job that seemed far beyond his ability and Moses, in no uncertain terms, was letting God know. God's answer to the doubt and fear of Moses - I will be with you.

Once when I was a VBS song leader, several times during each day, I was to keep repeating to the kids--God is with us and they would shout back Fear Not! Night after night I found their energy, their spirit contagious and somewhere in the middle of the week I became keenly aware of how quickly I lose the trust of a child that in God's presence I have nothing to fear. Age brings wisdom but it drags along doubt, fear, mistrust. It’s these companions that bring me temporary deafness and I can’t hear God's voice, I will be with you and so miss the opportunity to shout back with confidence, defying all that would cause me to faint, FEAR NOT!

Jesus thank you--I have nothing to fear.


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