Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Simple Fare

But Martha was distracted with much serving...

Luke 10:40a

Martha gets a bad rap most of the time; at least that is my opinion. Preachers use Martha to illustrate a woman who makes a choice to be busy over spending time with Jesus. Jesus himself says that Martha shouldn't be "anxious and troubled" about food. But, I believe that Jesus was just keeping to his typical teaching style--using Martha's situation to illustrate a larger point. He wasn't putting down Martha's efforts in the kitchen. He was encouraging her to not make too much fuss over the meal. He didn't need a big spread, just something simple. After all, spending time with Jesus is important.

While baking cookies one afternoon it struck me that food and Jesus are a good combination. After teaching thousands of people for three days Jesus hears their growling stomachs and makes a simple meal. He catered this miracle at least twice! Plus many of his conversations with the disciples happens around “the table.”

There are lots of Marys in the world. They go to retreats and conferences in a quest to learn more about Jesus. But, you know what? At every “spiritual” retreat, every “knowing God” conference there will be a few Marthas in the kitchen, not "anxious or troubled" about the meals, but open and willing to encourage and support the faithful Marys.

Here’s a thought. Without Marthas at camps, retreats, conferences and church dinners, a number of Marys would perhaps be so ravenous that they would forget their purpose! So, here's to the Marthas!

Jesus, thank you for loving Martha.
Though sometimes she became overly focused on the
“presentation” she was also one of the first who really knew
Your power to heal and restore.
Help me in my own "Martha" spirit
to also make time to spend with you.

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