Tuesday, June 2, 2009

God Sightings

I will not be afraid though trouble's out there night and day.
Oh, I will not be swamped with fear
'Cause God is always, always, always, YEAH, I know He's here!

Sixty-five children singing and dancing to the cajun rhythm was my God sighting last night. Vacation Bible School has begun in our congregation. For five nights I have been appointed the "Music Leader" which means I get to burn off all my excess energy along with the kids! It's great!

Our verse for Monday was Exodus 3:12--God said, I will be with you. This was God's response to Moses when, in fear, Moses wails, "How am I supposed to go before Pharoah and ask for the release of Your people?" God was asking Moses to do a job that seemed far beyond his ability and Moses was letting him know. God's answer to the doubt and fear of Moses was, I will be with you.

Now, that was the message I was to keep repeating to our kids last night--God is with us and they shouted back Fear Not! The energy, the spirit were contagious but somewhere in the middle of the evening I was struck with how quickly we lose the trust of a child in God's presence. Age brings wisdom but it also drags along doubt, fear, mistrust and these companions cause us to stumble and we miss God's voice, I will be with you.

At VBS this week we're encouraging the kids to look for God Sightings--those things big or small that show us that God is with us. So, this is my challenge to you today. Look for a God Sighting today--how does God demonstrate that He is with you, TODAY. Don't take anything for granted!

God is with you--FEAR NOT!

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