Friday, March 13, 2009

Faith Seed

The apostles said to the Lord,"Increase our faith!"

Luke 17:5

It’s evident that our culture believes that bigger is better. From houses to toilet paper "mega" is the operative word. Consequently, seeing the minuscule becomes a challenge when surrounded by the gargantuan. And yet, we’re surrounded by tiny bits, with humble beginnings, that become "mega" important–a drop of water for a start.

Apparently the disciples figured that bigger was better when it came to faith. In the days and weeks of following Jesus they had obviously picked up on the fact that their "new life" was going to require something more. Especially when prior to this verse Jesus tells them that "temptations to sin are sure to come." They beg Jesus–Increase our faith–bigger is better!

Faith doesn’t have to be big to be worthwhile. In fact, faith changes size in the process of following Jesus. No one begins with faith the size of a California redwood. It’s beginnings are always minuscule but no less effective. As faith is cared for and nurtured through prayer, Bible study, silence and Christian community it’s size and shape alters. Along the way, difficulties, disappointments, discouragements, if embraced, water the tiny faith seed. And while you may feel at times like your faith isn’t big enough to get you through, it hasn’t stopped growing.

Bigger isn’t always better. Flooding is a result of too much rain, too quickly, causing destruction. However, the steady fall of raindrops can fill a reservoir, providing for the future. Faith, when attended to, will be just the right size when you need it.

Jesus, You said that faith the size of a mustard seed
is where I can begin. Help me care for my faith seed
as consistently as I care for all the other things
that are important to me.

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