Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Asking Directions

Ah, stubborn children,
declares the Lord
…who set out
to go down
to Egypt, without asking
for my direction..

Isaiah 30:1a, 2

I have come to the place in my life where I don’t make a move without first talking to my Father. Unfortunately this lesson has been learned the hard way. I have always marveled at those individuals who seem to make decisions for themselves and somehow it turns out. My experience has been when trying this approach that things turn out messy. Waiting for His direction is maddening and yet, it’s in the waiting that problems are made clear.

From churches to government there seems to be an absence of asking God for direction and waiting. Dozens of books are available outlining program development for churches, money growth for individuals, five year plans, retirement survival. None of these are wrong in and of themselves but I wonder how frequently we stop in the midst of our devouring them and pray, “Lord, what do I do?” Perhaps like the Israelites we respond in panic when things go wrong rushing back to our enslavement.

God says over and over again that He wants to have conversations with us even about the simplest of issues. And He’s good at giving directions. The challenge that presents itself is are we willing to follow the directions given. Flashy neon signs abound tempting us with life directions. God’s sign is a simple wooded one but it does provide a strong support when we’re weary from our running around.

Sit and rest awhile. Soon the way will be made clear.

Jesus, thank you for the
signpost of your Cross
that points the way.
I want to live my life
asking first directions
from You.

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