Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Food for Thought

We’ve been driving hard the last two days. It seems that despite the seat belts, the brakes and the locks on the doors, our daughter insists on going four states away to college. Everything this past week has been, “this is our last…”

Today she moves into her dorm room. The “tab keeping” that we have diligently maintained throughout her childhood will now be lessened, drastically. So, last night was our “last dinner together until Christmas.”

Carefully selecting the restaurant; sitting outside was a given, we began enjoying our “last dinner.” Thankful for all that God had done for us as a family and marveling that we had come this far, seemingly at the speed of sound. Wondering what the future would hold. Peaceful conversation was shattered, however, when the single patron sitting at the adjacent table made a call on her cell phone.

Her rudeness astounded me as the call loudly continued for almost ten minutes. I struggled with what would be the best response. What I wanted to do was give a dirty look, after all, she was intruding on our “last dinner as a family…”

Still, I couldn’t bring myself to say anything or even attempt to catch her eye. I seemed to be restrained almost against my will! Paying the check we left quickly when we saw her attempting another call. Relieved to not be a part of her next conversation we took our “last walk” down the street.

Sitting down to write, I opened my Bible. The words leaped from the page—Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. (Romans 4:5a) I was thankful that I had been restrained because reasonable wouldn’t have been the adjective the phone talker would have used to describe me!

Holy Spirit, thank you for your promptings that keep me from acting in a way that doesn’t reflect You. Help me to be always alert to Your Wind, blowing through me. Amen.

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