Monday, August 25, 2008

Found Out

…be sure your sin
will find you out.

Numbers 32:23b

“I hoped that it wouldn’t come out.” The famous last words from a politician who’s extramarital affair had just been exposed. That relationship, which at the time had been so important it had to be kept secret, was suddenly caught in high beams. Nothing can really be kept secret.

Many probably don’t realize that what has become a part of the "moral" fabric of our society is rooted in the Bible. And yet, even though the truth is as “old as the hills” keeping sin hidden continues to be a hurdle. A little “white lie”, a “slight” misrepresentation, a “small” omission of facts, a “tiny” twist to the story are part of what eventually wears down our inward life and we are exposed. Sin will not be hidden.

The challenge for our Christian community today is acknowledging the characteristics of sin. In most churches confession of sin is encouraged as an important part of the Christian life and yet in an environment of total acceptance of all things and non-judgement of anything or anyone the lines of “sin” have become blurred. What exactly are we to confess?

Just as nothing can be kept truly secret, neither can sin. Ultimately what is sinful will reveal itself through broken relationships, familial discord, heartbreak, soul deterioration, separation from all that one holds important. Sin is tough that way. It steals our God given gifts, freedoms and purpose leaving us empty handed. Sin refuses to stay in the shadows.

Jesus, forgive me for the sins I know and
those that have not yet been revealed.
Give me a spirit that rejects what seeks to
steal away Your gifts.
Artwork--The Wicked Servant. Ian Pollack. Eich Gallery

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