Friday, February 15, 2008

Staying Put

Before I was afflicted
I went astray; but now
I keep your word.

Psalm 119:67

Don’t nobody know my troubles but God. Trouble was well known to the American singers of these words. Brutal days of arduous labor and nights of aching limbs were what made up their existence in the 1800's. Nevertheless in spite of the injustice, unfairness and inhumaneness of their world they never stopped singing about their troubles and the God who helped them.

Troubles have a way of waking us up from our spiritual slumber. The long term memory suddenly kicks into gear and while we may not have talked with God recently, read the Bible consistently or lived our lives particularly faithfully, we are desperate for help.

When we get our help and trouble has again moved on, too often we find ourselves moving on as well. But then, like a wheel of fortune, it stops on trouble and looking up we discover that we are a long distance, once again, from the Help we need.

Times up! To keep spinning the wheel, hoping for it to hit better times, is a gamble. Trouble has more spaces than fortune. There comes a point, if we want to live free, that making a decision to stay put and live in the presence of the Help that knows our troubles will stop the spinning wheel.

The answer to why me isn’t nearly as important as whose am I? Answering this question will make a difference in how you live your life when trouble again appears.

Jesus, you never ran away!
Through the good and bad
of your earthly life you
stayed put, doing exactly what
your Father wanted.
Help me to stay put in your presence.


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