Tuesday, February 26, 2008

On a Personal Note

For Christmas my husband gave me the book, Sister Wendy on Prayer by Sister Wendy Beckett. Today I opened it up and my eyes fell on the passage below. It seemed to complement the meditations from the past couple of weeks and prompted me to include it as a meditation for today. Blessings!

Life is unpredictable. Tragedy and comedy come down upon us without warning. This may be part of the fascination of playing or watching sport. The ball always comes from an angle the player could not anticipate, and the skill is all in the reaction. In real life the same is true. How do we react? When do we feel it right to take the initiative, and if we do, what kind? Pure passive endurance can never be the whole answer. It is in coping with this, the strangeness and stresses of even a normal day, that we need the help of God. We would like Him to change these stresses. This will not happen. What will happen is His support in making everything in our lives a means of deepening our capacity to be human. Not God the puppeteer, pulling the strings for His favorites, but the God who has resolutely refused to people His world with puppets. He has paid us the comliment of creating us as free and intelligent, able to choose and reject and look clearly at the truth.

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