Friday, February 29, 2008

Map Reading

And the Lord will
guide you continually
and satisfy your desire

in scorched places
and make your

bones strong;
and you shall be
like a watered garden...
Isaiah 58:11a, b

Maps cover the table top along with the legal pad that has been glued to my hand these past few weeks. On its pages are lists of what should be done, could be done and finally the lengthiest, what must be done. Boxes piled high sit amidst an odd assortment of bits and bobs that haven’t made their way into a box. The moving vans arrive Monday and yet I’m still not sure which interstate is best to get me where I’m going.

Traveling the Jesus road I often wonder what direction I’m headed. There isn’t a designated map page for this trip. Having wandered into so many scorched places, certain that the road was lost, I feel frightened even to continue.

And yet, reality is in this present moment. I am certain that road signs have been directing me. Looking behind me I see that I have come out of the scorched places and discover that wandering in its lonely desolation has given me an uncanny strength. I hardly recognize my previous weary wandering self!

I find that the road on which I am presently standing is wider with less cavernous holes. It’s a smoother way and feels safe. I have no idea just how I arrived. And while I don't think I saw anything particularly along the way or heard any verbal directions it is apparent my way was guided. And now I find myself standing in a beautiful garden, waiting for Monday.

Jesus, you are the
guide through the scorched places!
Thank you for making me strong
along the way.
Now I am going to enjoy the
beauty of this moment’s garden.

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