Monday, December 20, 2010

Looking for Justice

The Lord will bring about justice and praise
in every nation on earth, like flowers blooming in a garden.

Isaiah 61:11 (CEV)

In an attempt to entice travelers to their country, the government of Iraq adopted the slogan, “tourism not terrorism.” Despite the promotion, I still would not move it to the top of my travel list. Images of devastation, drought, sand storms and death persist in streaming through my mind. And yet, around 600 BC, travelers journeyed to what we know as Iraq to see the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the world. Even more poignant is the possibility that somewhere in the vicinity of Iraq was the first garden.

In a world that seems hopeless, the Iraqi slogan is revealing. They are waiting, hoping for justice to reign. So much has been lost and memories of their ancient past are fading. They have only the stories of their ancestory when justice, praise and peace were the government.

Difficult times have taught me that justice is hard to come by when human nature rules. I think Adam was gifted with an innate sense of justice but he believed the serpent’s lie and it warped his ability. As a result “man’s” eye focused on "me", instead of  "them" and justice fell to the bottom.

But I have hope! In the new heaven and new earth of God’s kingdom there will be no other governing power but His justice. My tears will be replaced with laughter, sorrow will be given over to joy and death turned into life. What was seen as lost will be found and the gardens of the world will bloom once again.

Creator God, let your justice take control of my heart, soul and mind, today.

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