Thursday, December 30, 2010

Final Week of 2010 - Thursday

It has been a dark season for my husband and myself these last couple of years. I don't remember where I saw this quote, although it was credited, but when I read it I wrote it out and propped it up on my desk.

Nobody is wise who does not know darkness. I appreciate the dark hours of my existence in which my senses are sharpened.

From It's All Right to Cry

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Terry said...

Just popped in to wish you a very blessed New Year .
However your quote really touched my heart and reminded me of something my Granny taught me .
If you never know hurt,sorrow,pain and lack than you will not recognize the beauty of love,joy,peace,healing and plenty when it arrives .
If you do not recognize it you will not give thanks to God from whom all provision arrives .
God Bless you and your wonderful blog .
Take care now
Until next time
Happy Trails