Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Word of Promise

Every morning I greet the day with readings from my Celtic Daily Prayer Book. In the ten years I've been using this prayer book I have ceased being surprised at how God's speak through either the selected portions of Scripture or the daily readings. The book is made up of two sets of yearly readings and although I've read all of them numerous times in the past ten years different ones rise to the top, ready for skimming!

The last three years have been very difficult in ministry. Days have been filled with unrealized expectations and disappointments. This particular ministry is coming to an end and our future is wholly and completely unknown. We feel as though we are free falling off a cliff.

Then came the following reading this week based on Judges 6:11-14 -

The story is told of a man who tripped and fell off a cliff. Clutching at the grasses on the edge of the cliff he found himself for a moment or two able to hang on and delay his fall.

"Is there anyone up there?" he cried out desperately. "Yes," came the reply, but no further response. "Who are you? Why don't you help me?" shouted the man. "I'm God," said the Voice, "and I will help you. But you must do exactly as I say." "OK," whispered the man, "what have I to do?" "First, let go!" "Is there anybody else up there?" called out the man.

Poor fearful little Gideon had to do something just like that to become the mgihty man of valour God saw him as. Against an army which far outnumbered them, God's solution was to cut back even further on numbers!

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Unknown said...

While you will be greatly missed by the MAJORITY, I take immense pleasure in knowing that I may still seek your mentorship via direct email and reading your blog! Your words have always been an inspiration to me. Keep up the good work, faithful soldier!