Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Powerful Name

do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Colossians 3:17

As a participant on a panel, I heard a group of teenagers once ask, “If Jesus was all about love, why have so many been killed in his name?” The question intrigued me, as did the uncertainty of the panelists. In response, I asked, “What events are you thinking about specifically?” One shot back, “the Crusades” another followed with “Hitler killing the Jews.” Their only points of reference were events instigated by Christians from the 11th century putting them alongside a 20th century event perpetrated by a mad man. They didn’t mention more recent events--Rwanda, South Africa, Ireland--now I was the one uncertain how to answer!

Much of our past is muddled for the majority of individuals. Events flow into each other and we’re not able to make distinctions between what is truth and what is fiction. If, as Jesus follower, Truth is my guide I need to be informed. If doing everything in the name of Jesus is my compass then I need to be intimately acquainted with the power of His Name. It’s awesome, Jesus sent his disciples into the world with nothing more than His name and they heal, restore, changing lives.

The name of Jesus is powerful and testimonial. Doing everything in the name of Jesus demands that I intimately know Him; allowing Him to saturate my being. The best part is that the result could bring about a powerful transformation to our world.

I pray that those teenagers will witness transformation in the powerful name of Jesus.

Jesus, thank you for givingme the power of Your name.
Be my teacher.
I am committed to learningmore about how Your name can transform
my life and the world.

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