Thursday, August 19, 2010


I am the LORD your God. . .

Exodus 20:2a

Sometimes I am a couch potato. In other words I find myself slumped in front of the television aimlessly watching whatever the remote control finds. Recently, in one of my moments of “whatz this one”, I became fascinated by the dialog between (now remember this was a made for TV program not reality!) a “police detective” and a “surgeon” who was being accused of harvesting organs from individuals who he considered criminals and passing them along to critically ill patients. When I was just about to tap my clicking finger it froze with this exchange—

Detective: Who made you God?

Surgeon: The position was empty and I took the job.

I turned off the television.

That “make believe” conversation, however, has been a nagging irritation. I get queasy and uneasy knowing that many in our society believe that the position of “God” is vacant. Remembering that thousands have died in recent years as a result of tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, monsoons it’s not surprising that I frequently hear the question, “if there is a God, why does he let all this bad happen?”

In order to answer that question I need to be effective in how I introduce I AM. My approach can’t assume an awareness of God much less knowledge of his nature. If they are asking the question, if they believe the position of God is vacant my starting point becomes In the beginning. . .

It may take a while, but there’s no better place to start!

Jesus, let my life be an open book
that people can easily read
about You!

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