Monday, August 30, 2010

Expectant and Hopeful

For who hopes for what he sees?

Romans 8:24c

Most children aren’t very hopeful, they’re expectant! Eating, bathing, napping, playing it’s all what they expect during a day. There are exceptions, but, the truth is that all children should be able to live expectantly. Their hopeful wishing will come much later!

We were once expectant children, but age faded its brilliance as we discovered that, eventually, life dished up a variety of unrealized expectations. Gradually we recognize that what we expect, is not always what we end up seeing. Our expectations become diminished and we begin using the language of hope—I hope I get that promotion. I hope I get accepted into college. I hope my doctor’s appointment goes well. There is much that we haven’t yet seen and yet we remain hopeful.

Being a Jesus follower demands huge amounts of hope. A commitment to Jesus is based on faith in what can’t be seen. The Trinity is not a visual reality, but it is a hopeful one. And as with so much of the other “stuff” in our lives that can’t be seen, but for which we are hopeful, we begin to appreciate that we can believe and hope in something that we don’t “see.”

It takes work to be hopeful. It’s much easier to create schedules, set agendas--organizing one’s life in such a way that we expect to get certain results. Living a hopeful life is edgy and absolutely crazy. But, one day hope will bring into focus what can’t been seen with the naked eye—the Kingdom of Heaven.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit I want to be able to see You,
hear You, feel You. Help me to know You in a way that is hopeful,
expecting that one day all will be seen.


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