Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Uncertain Future

For this reason I remind you
to fan into flame the gift of God. . .

2 Timothy 1:6a

There have been several “seasons” in my life where I have been confident of the gifts that God has given me. My present “season” isn’t one of them. A number of different factors along with life dramas have played into my absolute uncertainty about exactly what “gift” I should be fanning into flame. It is not a comfortable place to be.

Recently a long time friend was forced into early retirement. After over thirty years of faithful employment, to one company, he was rewarded with a cake, a handshake and a closed door. The initial days off are refreshing. But when the routine of years begins to kick in again and there is no office, no goals, no rhythm how does one discover, much less fan into flame God’s “gift.”

Believing that God is not finished with us until we come to our end is a discipline. With each advancing year we step further away from the prowess of youth and into a world of muscle loss. Being disciplined comes each morning when I am given a choice. There are only two options requiring two different questions: Why should I get out of bed today? – or – What does God want to do in me today?

The choice I make each morning makes a difference in how readily available I am to fan into flame God’s unknown gift for my day as well as preparing me for my future.

Jesus, in the past I was confident.
Now I am uncertain about my future.
What do you want to do in me today?

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full of hope said...

Having a husband forced into early retirement is a shock. Looking into the future is overwhelming. I loved your question, "What does God want me to do today?" That encourages us to take things one day at a time, rather than trying to figure things out all at once. God will show us when we look to Him each day and follow His lead.