Friday, May 7, 2010

As I have written before, discovering how to effectively communicate to others what my relationship with God means for me is a daily challenge. Then in came this reading from my morning reading the other day. I pass it along to you. It provides a little different "twist" on the whole "believe in Jesus" approach.

Written by Aidan Clark

What I believe about Jesus could not be contained in a thousand books. I believe in Jesus more than I believe in the pen with which I am writing these words. I cannot, however, expect you to believe my beliefs.

Imagine you meet me in a cafe and I introduce you to a friend. I say "This is Jesus." I do not then give you a list of things you must believe about His family and a thick book to memorize before I let you speak to Him. I don't ask you to believe in Him--because you can see Him for yourself. I ask you only to trust Him and to get to know Him.

My prayer for today is that each of us would have an opportunity to introduce Jesus with, "This is my friend. Would you like to get to know Him?"

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