Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Risking Worship

The moment they saw him they worshiped him.
Some, though, held back, not sure about “worship”,
about risking themselves totally.

Matthew 28:17 (The Message)

There have been worship leaders, who in their eagerness to get their congregation to “worship” have by their own admission been manipulative. “Do you love Jesus? Raise your right hand? Do you know that Jesus loves you? Raise your left hand! Ah, hah I’ve gotten you to raise your hands, now keep them up there and let’s worship.” Worship is a response of love and adoration to God, but it should be a voluntary action!

I feel for the disciples that held back when they saw Jesus, not wanting to risk themselves totally. Worship is a dangerous business—you may lose yourself, completely. A loss of control is at stake and the uncertainty of what might happen is just that, uncertain.

During our years of ministry, my husband and I have heard all sorts of reasons why people hold back when it comes to worship. But all of them are based in worry and a need for control—how they will look or what will people think—if they take a risk at worship.

Abandoning, “risking” ourselves to the act of worship means that sometimes we might “look” funny. But, there will also be laughter, joy, energy, new friends, even a new sense community.

Your risk will look different than mine. But the next time you’re worshiping ask yourself, are you holding back from totally showing your love and devotion to Jesus.
Jesus, I love you and want to worship you.
But, sometimes I get caught up,not in your Spirit,
but in who might be looking.
Help me to risk learning what it means to worship You with abandon.

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