Thursday, April 1, 2010

God? YES! Human? YES!

…so Jesus, wearied as he was from his journey,
was sitting beside the well.

John 4:6

In my childhood Sunday school I learned about the strength and power of Jesus. There were amazing stories about his fighting off Satan’s temptations, healing paralytics, freeing people from the grasp of demons. Because Jesus was God’s Son he was able to accomplish the spectacular.

Many years later I understood the importance of claiming Jesus’ humanness. As a child the drama of Jesus drew me in. It was the human nature of Jesus that drew me as an adult. Knowing that Jesus lived life in the flesh, with all the stuff that goes with it, was what made him absolutely real.

I find comfort knowing that whatever I experience in life Jesus lived it as well—at least on the emotional level. Whatever I have suffered emotionally as a result of loss, illness, rejection, fear, Jesus also suffered. New Testament theologians believe that Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus probably died while Jesus was still at home—Jesus knew what it means to lose a parent.

The pressures of a hectic schedule weren’t foreign to Jesus. People demanding his attention were a daily occurrence. He was surrounded by people who didn’t understand him. Feel alone in a crowd—Jesus experienced it.

The deity of Jesus is absolutely important to my life as a Jesus follower. But knowing that he was wearied from walking and took time to sit down is an absolute solace!

Jesus, thank you for your willingness to be human.
Because you lived life in the real world
I know that it is possible to not
be overwhelmed but to live as a reflection of you.

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