Thursday, April 22, 2010

From my own daily readings comes this from Gene Edwards, The Inward Journey. . .

Readings: Psalm 1:2-3, Isaiah 32:20, Matthew 24:32

I have observed through the years that most Christians have little understanding of the word 'season'. Our Lord is a seasonal God; He comes, He departs. His faithfulness never changes, but His seasons do! There are seasons when the tree is green, there are seasons when it is dry, and seasons when, for the life of us, the thing looks dead. Now, does this mean you are serving some capricious God who comes and goes by whim? Or, could it be, that it is only through seasons that true growth may come?

Paul said, "Does not nature teach us?" Fruit from a tree comes to us as a result of three or four seasons.

The Christian and the Lord's body both need rain and sunshine, cold and hot, wind and doldrums.

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