Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rope of Rags

Jeremiah sank in the mud.

Jeremiah 38:6c

Having just washed my car of previous road grime I gingerly drove through the recent snow melt of slosh, mud and water. Almost immediately my right front tire sank and the back wheels were spinning. I was in a hole with no traction. But in an age where finding help seems difficult, help came almost immediately in the form of a passer by and the gas station attendant. After sanding the ice underneath the back wheels I tried again, still to no avail. It was only after both gentlemen stood in the watery hole themselves and pushed the front end that the wheels grabbed and I was again on my way.

Granted it may be a silly illustration but it prompted my thinking about when Jeremiah was thrown into an empty well and sank in the mud. His hole was deep with no apparent means of exit. And even though Jeremiah was a great prophet, a man who had conversations with God he still needed someone's help. All his goodness, his obedience to God, his commitment to the life God had given him didn’t preserve him from that muddy hole.

Jeremiah’s help is named Ebed-melech who lends a hand by risking his position in the king’s house--pleading for Jeremiah’s rescue. Making a rope of old clothes and rags Ebed-melech drops it down and Jeremiah is on his way again.It’s a story of how we need each other, no matter who, what or why. Coming alongside, lending a hand, making a rope, whatever it takes to help the one who has fallen in a hole is living the Jesus way.

Jesus, help me to see and know what I need to do to help
my neighbor, friend,brother or sister get out of the mud.Amen.

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