Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grow or Die

Suggested Bible Reading: Galatians 5

You were running well. Who hindered you from the truth?
Galatians 5:7

Some of the seed that is thrown by the farmer in Jesus’ parable of the sower falls amongst the thorns. The seed begins to grow but soon its life is choked out of it and what began as promise ends in death.

It’s a familiar parable with powerful spiritual implications and hopefully shock value for the Jesus follower. Thorns are everywhere! When we say “yes” to Follow Me nothing can be taken for granted. The growth of our seed rests solely on the attention and awareness we give to it. Jesus later tells of seed that falls on fertile ground. Our course, when asked, we know we all want to be those fertile seeds! But it is important for us to consider what may be the thorns that hinder us from growth.

Everything that we take into our life has the potential to feed our souls or suck them dry. From books read to friends made to movies seen whatever touches us leaves an imprint. In order to keep running well with Jesus decisions will need to be made as to who and what we’re “hanging” with. Growth is impossible if choose to live with thorns. Even our doubts don’t have to stop growth. Here again it depends on us; choosing the influences that will feed and nurture our struggling seed will determine whether our soul lives or dies.

Thought for the Day: What choices am I making that nurture my seed of faith to grow?
Jesus, forgive me for allowing thorns to grow up
around me. These are what are hindering me from
running well. Help me to choose only
that which keeps me healthy in you.

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